Oil Mist Collector manufacturers, suppliers in India

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We are the topmost oil mist collector manufacturers, suppliers in India, who provide the economical and exclusive range of oil mist collectors in India to various machining applications.

What is the concept of oil mist collector? Why it is necessary to install?

Oil mist collector is equipment that is developed by using advanced machines or tools to remove hazardous oil mist which takes place on the metals or CNC machines while milling, drilling and grinding operation. It collects coolant, water as well as oil mists. During grinding or milling process, metal working fluids are comecontact in it and produced oil mist. Oil mist is very harmful particle that can create many diseases to the workers and staff.

Mists that are created from the machines can effect on the health of staff and worker and cause diseases like fever, skin irritation, headaches etc. For the safety of these working workers, and long lasting performance of the machines, it is necessary to install oil mist collector. It is also helps to degrades labors liabilities and their charges. The two types of oil mist collector are available.

Types of oil mist collector :
  • Primary oil mist collector : This type of oil mist collector is positioned on the machines and then extract or filter unwanted mists.
  • Secondary oil mist collector : This is the most feasible type of oil mist collector which is dangle from the ceiling place and capture mists that are coming from industrial processes.
Key Features :
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Economical rate
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reliable performance
Applications :
  • CNC machines, washer exhaust, metal processing, synthetic fiber

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